NICREW Automatic Cat Feeder with 1080P HD Wifi Camera, Smart Feed Auto Pet Food Dispenser for Dogs and Cats, 12-meal (3.3L)

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Product Description

Use the app to customize and schedule up to 12 meals a day, with portions ranging from 5 grams to 500 grams to fit your pet’s feeding needs. Allowing you to control the portion size, it offers the peace of mind that your pet is always getting the nutrition that he needs. You can even record a personal meal call to let your furry friend know when it’s time to eat.

Nicrew Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder

You can’t be at home all hours of the day, so Nicrew Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder is a convenient pet-feeding solution for the modern pet parent. Whether you’re working late, going out, or feel like staying in bed a little longer, Nicrew Smart Feed Automatic Pet Feeder offers the power to feed your pet in the palm of your hands(Smartphone).

Timed meals for a regular feeding schedule

Weight management with portion control

Regular meals promote healthy digestion

Can be fed up to 12 times a day

1080P HD Wifi Camera

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If there’s a wi-fi outage (not a power outage), does the feeder continue to dispense food?

A: Any pre-set feeding times will continue to process as scheduled as long as an electrical source, or batteries, are in place.

Q: If there is food in the dish from the previous feeding time,will it skip the feeding time?

A: It will skip a meal if there’s much food in the bowl but send a message to you.

Q: How long does this work with just the batteries?

A: This feeder will operate on battery pack for approximately 15 days. We recommend to plug the feeder into a outlet at most time.

Q: Can I set up multiple feeders? I’m planning on getting two of these.

A: The App is able to differentiate between feeders. Multiple feeders can be set.

1080P HD Camera

No matter when it is on the day and at night, 110 degrees wide angle camera records your pet with a clear view. You could know what is happening at home and talk to your buddy through the app.

Easy to Clean

This dispenser consists of three main parts, you can open the lid, remove the hopper and the food tray directly for cleaning.

Two Power Supplies

Runs on three D batteries(NOT included) or plug into a nearby outlet. The settings are saved by the battery backup even in case of power failure.

Nicrew Auto pet feeder provides flexible portions of 1 to 99 servings per meal, 5g for each serving, can be fed up to 12 times a day
Built-in weighing sensor, you can always know the amount of food via app at anytime. 1080P HD Wifi Camera allows you to know what is happening at home and talk to them through the app. Even record a special message for mealtime calling
3.3 litres capacity is perfect for dogs, cats, and multi-pet households. Keeps pets on a routine feeding schedule.
Runs on three D batteries(NOT included) or plug into a nearby outlet. The pet-proof lock lid prevents your pet from digging in