nonda iHere Key Finder, Phone Finder, Car Finder, Selfie Remote and Voice Recording Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker for iPhone X/8/8S/7, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S8/S9/Note 4 and More (Gen 4)

Price: £15.99 - £12.99
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Product Description



Charging the iHere Finder for 5 hours before the first use.

Keep charging 3 hours every time.

Tips For Android Phone Users:

We’ve recently been receiving complaints about the device is not working on Android phones. We’ve done thorough internal tests and have tried all the technical solutions we could think of, and yet we still can’t make sure the app will run smoothly in the background. We are not alone in facing this issue, either; many other apps that require running in the background are also having difficulties. If users do not configure the apps that require background running in a certain way, the app will get killed (recycled) by the phone’s operating system. This phenomenon is even more severe in those custom operating systems that are derived from Android.

We strongly suggest you open the APP and make sure the app is connected with your device(s). Then, in the meanwhile, configure the app’s battery settings on your phone to make sure the app doesn’t get killed in the background.

If you have no idea about this issue, please contact our support and we will guide you step by step via Email: cs(@)

Tips For iPhone Users:

Please believe that the device and app run smoothly withe iPhones. However, if you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact our Support by email: Email: cs(@)

Rechargeable Battery

Only need to charge once each month.Get alerts whenever the battery is low;NOTE:

Charging the iHere Finder for 5 hours before the first use.

Keep charging 3 hours every time.

Top-Rated App

Easy to use with frequent, free upgrades over-the-air;

Download the free Car Key Finder App on the App Store / Google Play to enable smart features.

Compatible with iPhone / iPad / iPod touch with iOS 8 or later Android Phones with 4.3 version or later with Bluetooth 4.0 or newer .

Find Your Keys

Ring your keys within a 75-foot range or check their last known location on your phone ;

Find Your Phone

Single-click to ring your misplaced phone,even when it’s on silent.

Car Locator

Double-click to record your car’s location. Open the app to find your car ;

Loud Volume 85 dB Follow the audible alert to find your keys even when hidden under pillows

[Rechargeable & Long-lasting Battery] Each charge lasts up to 45 days, no need to change batteries
[Two-way, One-tap Operation] inhere beeps to help you find your keys, wallet or purse
[Intuitive App] inhere App can track any here’s signal up to a 75-foot radius
[Perfect for Taking Selfies] Get your group together and click