Pet Dematting Comb,Alohha Professional Pet Mat Brush Splitter,Grooming Undercoat Rake for Pet Dog and Cats, Rabbits, Long Haired Breed Pet,Great Tool for Deshedding & Detangling

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As owners of both cats and dogs we know keeping their coats free from knots, mats & tangles is challenging

Mats & Tangles Can Be Painful– they pull the skin tight and can lead to skin ulcers, they can be extremely difficult to remove and sometimes require a complete shave down. Using Mat Buster as part of a regular grooming regime, those pesky mats and tangles can be removed, new mats will not form easily, so no more pets sporting Buzz Cuts!

For Cat Parents– the Alohha Dematting Comb will save your kitty the stress of going to a professional groomer, saving you money, as you can now take care of those mats in the comfort of your own home and enjoy the experience with your cat

For Dog Parents– the Alohha Dematting Comb will mean that your beloved pup can still have all fun and be able to express themselves whether that be in nature’s elements or if your pup rolls around with their toys and gets their ears & coat all matted, because you know that you have the best defence against tangles & mats with the Alohha Dematting Comb at your side – you need this tool in your arsenal to keep your pup looking their best! And remember a clean & well groomed pup gets more cuddles. That’s good for you & good for your pup!

Grooming Goes Beyond Looks– it makes Pets feel better generally act more friendly, more predictable, and are more energetic, it also releases natural oils within the fur, enhancing fur quality, and is a special bonding time for you & your pet

Less Housework– just imagine how nice it would be to not have your floors & furniture covered in hair! As the Mat Buster removes that loose undercoat you won’t have to vacuum as often, giving you more precious bonding time with your Fur Babies

You and Your Fur Babies Deserve the Alohha Dematting Comb!
SAFE & SHARP BLADES–The dog grooming tool blades made in stainless steel teeth are very sharp inside but rounded on the outside edge. The great design provides much safer experience than the traditional sickle shape mat combs, without scratching or hurting your pet’s skin! Besides, the grooming undercoat rake can be reversed for right or left handed user, without scratching or hurting your pet’s skin!
DURABLE AND ERGONOMIC HANDLE–Dematting comb rake is designed with non-slip and ergonomic handle, made from TPE&PP. It is helpful for fast effortless cut. Funny paws mark on the handle.
EFFECTIVELY REMOVIN MATS AND TANGLES–Easily remove mats and tangles from a variety of coat types by 13 stainless steel teeth matt breaker / detangler. Give you the best result of dematting for the longest and densest coats of dogs, cats, rabbits, long haired breed pets.
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