Pet GPS Tracker-3G,Dog Collar Accessory,IP66 Waterproof, Long Standby, Smart Anti-Lost, With Led Night Light,Gold,small

Price: £48.97
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The positioner size is the same, but the tie size is different
Please carefully refer to the collar size before purchase!

Collar specifications:
Small: 0.6in wide, 11.4-14.5in neck circumference, suitable for small dogs (not suitable for small dogs less than 5 pounds)
“Small” – suitable for Schnauzer, etc. (Note: “small” dog tracker is not suitable for mini dogs, such as 3.3-4.4 pound toy poodle)

Medium: 0.78in wide, 14.9-18.5in neck circumference, suitable for medium dogs
“Medium” – suitable for the joy dog(shelti), etc.

Large: 0.98in wide, 18-21in neck, suitable for large dogs
“Large” – suitable for Satsuma, Golden Retriever, etc.

The sim card is not inclued.

Applicable objects: pets, cattle, sheep, cats, dogs, etc.
Long standby: intimate low battery reminder, so that charging is no longer forgotten, 10 days standby time and 3 days tracking time

Multi-terminal query: support computer / mobile phone / SMS / WeChat four ways to locate the platform query

Material: ABS
Collar material: polyester + foam + alloy belt buckle
Size: 56 (long) * 60 (width) * 16 (height) (mm)
Weight: 40 grams
Antenna type: built-in active antenna
Battery Capacity: 450mAh
GPS positioning accuracy: 5m

What do you get?
1* dog locator
1* collar (blue)
1*USB charging cable
1* instruction manual

WIFI precise positioning technology: perfect solution to indoor GPS-free signal problem, through the built-in wifi chip, search and report 8 wifi addresses, the platform analyzes 8 wifi with 1/15 second computing speed, the reference signal is strong Weak, finally calculate the corresponding latitude and longitude position information, and display it on the map.
Electronic fence: Multiple electronic fence protection can be set. Once the pet enters or leaves the fence area (such as 300 meters around the community), the App immediately receives the alarm message. The protection range is generally recommended from 300 meters to 500 meters.
LED lights and IP66 waterproof: original LED smart lights, darkening of the day, LED lights will automatically turn on, helping you to easily pay attention to your pet in the night. The whole machine realizes the most advanced protection function of IP66 for civil use, waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, and still in normal use next to heavy rain.
Real-time tracking: All-round to meet your love of pets, daily tracking, positioning every 10 minutes, can track 3 days, accurate tracking, positioning every 30 seconds, can track 6 hours of power saving Track, locate once every hour, track 5 days