Pet GPS Tracker, Pet Locator, Cat Positioning Collar, Anti-Lost GPS Dog Tracker, Small Waterproof Free Card Anti-lost Device, Suitable for Large, Medium and Small Dogs

Price: £137.99
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★Concealed design: It looks like a bell, so that it becomes a decoration in the eyes of outsiders, so that some lawless elements are not easy to detect, and it is more convenient for you to find the pet in time to make it safer.
★Life waterproof: daily splash or rain is not afraid of
★ Low battery warning: APP automatically pushes reminder charging notification to mobile phone
when the battery is low. ★ We will provide you with quality products. If you have any questions, please contact us in time, we will reply you within 24 hours.

Historical track: Where did the curious love pet go? You can easily find out the history of your pet within one year and get a better understanding of pets.
Tracking mode is very worry-free: real-time tracking, real-time continuous positioning of pets specific location, looking for faster and more accurate
Electronic fence: set a safe area to prevent pets from being lost. When the pet walks out of the set area, it will alarm in advance and quickly grasp the pet position.
Position tracking, multi-person monitoring: support multiple mobile phones to monitor the locator at the same time, you can also monitor multiple locators with one mobile phone. With it, family members can remotely care for pets, and can also remotely care for multiple pets.