Pet Science Omega Care for Dogs and Cats, Salmon Oil Fatty Acids for Coat Hydration (90 Soft Chews)

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Generally we like brushing our pets, and generally they seem to appreciate the benefits sufficiently to cooperate. Even so, sometimes a dog or cat’s coat can just look tired and lacking in gloss, or it may be greasy, have dry patches, bald spots, or a combination. All these signs may suggest a dietary problem. Shedding skin and coat is normal for a dog or cat, and salmon oil soft chews help provide the chemical balance that maintains that natural process. Companion animals cannot produce sufficient omega-3 fatty acids on their own, and their importance to health and wellbeing makes them a crucial dietary element. The omegas provide relief from dry, itchy skin, and reduce dandruff, infections, and falling hair. Being companion animals means they enjoy human company and therefore can become stressed without it. This can manifest in the quality of their coat and skin. Their adventurous nature also means they may collect bugs and other irritants, which need spotting and removing with regular grooming. Omega Care soft chews not only provide the nutrients to support skin and coat, but also promote healthy cell membranes and strengthen immunity. Signs of improvement should appear within 12 weeks. Follow directions and always provide clean, fresh water.

Helps elderly dogs, cats, puppies and kittens alike; in older dogs and cats losing alertness, omega fatty acids can help support brain function; in puppies and kittens they promote vision and brain development
Omega soft chews for dogs and cats provide necessary vitamins and minerals to help repair bald patches and address skin and coat deficiencies that may be dietary related
A healthy skin and coat will give your dog or cat relief from skin irritation and reduce vulnerability to allergies, infections, and balding
Salmon oil contains long chain Omega fatty acids which offer greatly superior bioavailability of EPA & DHA over plant based alternatives