PETFORMANCE BENESSERE for dogs and cats wet calf and vegetables dog 150 Gr. Gluten Free/Grain Free 11 Bowl

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The rich calf and vegetable recipe is perfect for both the animal in terms of appetability and taste, and the owner in terms of quality assurance. Free from dyes and preservatives, free from cereals and gluten this recipe is suitable for all types of dog that are particularly sensitive or intolerant.

Being gluten free, gluten free and grain free, cereal free, it is suitable for dogs with intolerances and in all cases where a low glycaemic index diet is required.
Rich in vegetables: carrots and peas represent excellent sources of vitamin a, group b vitamins, plant proteins, starch and fibers, precious for the well-being of the gastrointestinal system
Complete and balanced food, with an excellent appetizability profile assured by the use of recipes, certified organic raw materials, of high quality
Convenient packaging in a waste proof aluminium tray, keeps the organoleptic qualities of food unchanged thanks to the specific packaging