Petnap Heated Pet House, Dog-Cat-Kitten-Puppy Kennel Bed Shelter (Medium)

Mar 14,2021 16:17:48 UTC **CLICK BUY NOW FOR UPDATED PRICE**

Petnap Heated Pet House An ideal solution for cats and up to medium size dogs can be used in the home, garage or other out-buildings. A tough durable and long lasting pet house complete with removable fleece covered heat pad in the base. ————————————————————– Check the size is suitable for your pet whether cat or dog. Medium house (Taken to the furthest points) External L = 55cm, W = 47cm, H = 44cm Internal L = 44cm, W = 34cm, H = 38cm Entrance / Exit = 20cm x 14cm ———————————————————– Large house (Taken to the furthest points) External L = 84cm, W = 77cm, H = 75cm Internal L = 60cm, W = 60cm, H = 70cm Entrance / Exit = 39cm x 31cm ————————————————————— The heat pad covers entire base of house and has a fleece cover topping, Temperature approximately 38c to 40c 20W Medium / 45W Large 230v Resistance to UV lighting Outer material Waterproof Fire Retardant 1.8m of armoured cable Entrance / Exit at each end with a clear vinyl flap to keep the weather out These heat pads may not be suitable for animals that chew!!!! The armouring supplied on all of our heated pads is there simply to help protect the cable with in, it is not a guarantee that your pet will not be able to chew it or through it.

Heated base (Requires Power supply)
UV Protection
Weather flaps at each end