PJ Pet Poducts Rawhide Braided Ring 11 cm 150 g (Pack of 10)

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PJ Pet Products 11 cm diameter braided ring is one of, if not the biggest rawhide treats in PJ Pet Product’s range. This product is at the top end of our product line, this is a great luxury treat for medium to larger sized dogs. A great product for the owner of larger dog’s to help with nuisance chewing. This is a natural rawhide product. As well as being fun for dogs, chewing on rawhide bones can help dogs in a number of ways1. Their teeth and gums: The action of chewing on the rawhide helps to promote healthy teeth and gums.2. Behaviour: Rawhide chews can assist in eliminating nuisance chewing if fed and monitored in a correct manner. Our quality rawhide dog chews can be used as a reward for good behaviour. Note: Always monitor your dog when feeding chews and treats. Always ensure that the dog has fresh drinking water available. Feed the dog chew on a non-stainable surface.

High in protein
Chewing rawhide promotes healthy teeth and gums
Ideal behavioral reward
Natural product
Item is hand made -Weight varies