Pro Select Cool Pup Crate Fan, 8×6.25×2.5” in Size – Quiet Battery Fan Keeps Dogs & Cats Cool with Built-in Thermometer

(as of Apr 10,2021 03:08:06 UTC – Details)

New and improved Cool Pup™ crate fans keep pets cool, calm, and comfortable no matter how hot it gets. Keep the air circulating in your pet’s kennel with the Cool Pup Crate Fan. The battery powered pet fan is able to run from four C-sized batteries. You also can purchase an AC/DC adapter separately that allows you to plug the Cool Pup fan into a wall outlet. The small fan will fit onto the side of a cage, crate or pet carrier with a retractable grip. This allows you to use the pet fan at home, at a pet boarding area or when traveling. The small Pro Select kennel fan measures only 8 inches in height, 6.25 inches in width and 2.5 inches in depth, meaning it occupies a very small area inside the kennel, leaving plenty of room for your pet to move around freely.

Retractable arms allow the fan to be hung on a cage, crate or pet carrier
Fans circulate the air, removing warm air from the cage interior, and can help to protect pet from overheating
Features a built-in thermometer to measure ambient temperature, and a port to accommodate an AC/DC adapter (not included)