REPELL SHIELD Dog Deterrent Spray – Natural Anti Chew Spray for Puppies – Citronella Based Puppy Training Spray & Dog Repellent Spray for Furniture – Bitter Apple Dog Spray Alternative – 250 ml

£12.99 - £8.19
May 12,2021 08:43:04 UTC **CLICK BUY NOW FOR UPDATED PRICE**

Have you been on the lookout for how to stop dogs urinating in house and gardens naturally or a spray that acts like a cat and dog repellent for gardens and homes alike without causing any adverse effects on your health and something which doesn’t smell like chemicals? Look no further!
Our dog anti chew spray by Repell Shield has been formulated especially for people facing problems with unwanted dog behavior. Our pets corrector spray has been formulated using pure, natural, and organic active ingredients that act as a dog spray deterrent without causing any adverse effects on your pet’s health. With just a couple of sprays of our dog repellent outdoor and indoor spray, you make sure that your homes, gardens and front yards are protected.
NATURAL DOG TOILET TRAINING SPRAY – Our innovative puppy spray toilet training alternative is the perfect solution to help stop dogs weeing in house and gardens. The stop dog wee spray acts a dog deterrent for the garden thus protecting your lawn grass from further damages
COMPLETELY NATURAL AND NON-TOXIC – Our puppy toilet training spray with its completely natural and organic formulation helps repel your pets naturally. The unique formulation for our stop chewing spray for dogs thus does not cause any adverse effects for you or your pets
PRACTICAL AND EASY TO USE – The ergonomic packaging for no chew spray for dogs makes it convenient for use, simply spray our puppy aid training spray on the surfaces of objects you want to protect from your pets. The dog chew spray deterrent does leave behind any residue
MADE IN GERMANY: Our dog corrector spray has been manufactured, tested, and packed in the heart of Germany. We use only the highest quality ingredients and are constantly improving our formulas to create the best quality products possible