Rexproduct Home Premium Dog House Shack Waterproof Scratch-Resistant, 2X-Large, Dark Gray, 1.4 kg

Jun 27,2021 11:37:26 UTC **CLICK BUY NOW FOR UPDATED PRICE**

The product was designed for pets looking for a closed space to rest. Buda Home will provide your pet with exceptional peace, comfort and convenience. Thanks to its design, it works very well both at home and while traveling. The kennel was made of durable and damage-resistant Oxford code, used on a large scale for external upholstery: in the case of tents, tarpaulins, prams, backpacks. It is very resistant to mechanical damage, and at the same time cozy and pleasant to the touch. The polyurethane foam insert creates a stable construction, resistant to deformation and distortion. A removable visor makes it easy to keep the kennel clean and hygienic, which is especially important for pets. The perfect solution for home, playpen, balcony and yard. It is also perfect for transporting a pet.

Provides peace and exceptional comfort
Made of durable materials: Oxford codura (outside) + polyurethane foam (inside)
Stable contribution resistant to deformation and distortion
Removable roof allows easy cleaning and easy-to-clean material