Sangkeys Dog Shoes Warm Boots Comfortable Paw Protecting Waterproof Sneakers Soft Skidproof Wear Resistant Anti-Slip With Strap Soles For All Dogs (Size 1)

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Key FeaturesFunctional:Effective and water resistant, keeps your lovely companion dry and warm no matter where you are. Before arriving indoors, simply take off the shoes with the easy release strap to keep dirt away from the all indoor areas. The rubber soles ensure complete grip on the ground and the anti-slip texture to protect against all types of terrain such as ice.The leather straps help secure the shoe in place to avoid any slips and slidesSize Guideline Length x Width (Dog names are only suggestions, please measure your dog’s paw to get an accurate size)Size 1: Young Dogs & Puppies – L 4cm x W 2.5cmSize 2: Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier – L 4.5cm x W 2.9cmSize 3: Schnauzer – L 5cm x W 3.3cmSize 4: Bulldog, Australian Shephard – L 5.7cm x W 3.8cm Size 5: Siberian Husky, Standard Poodles, Boxer – L 6.4cm x W 4.3cmSize 6: Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retriever, Goldendoodle, Pitbull, German Shephard – L 7cm x W 4.8cmSize 7: Rottweiler, Dobermann – L 7.9cm x W 5.5cmSize 8: Great Dane, Bernese Mountain Dog – L 8.8cm x W 6.2cmCleaning Instructions:The shoes are made of easy wash fabric, engineered to dry off naturally from sunlight. Simply soak in water using a light brush if any dirt gets caught.Package Includes:One set of dog luxury shoes – 4 piecesMeasurement Guidelines:1 – Gently place your dog’s paw on a blank piece of paper and hold in place2 – Draw you an outline of the paws including toenails3 – Measure the whole width and length then compare using the chart provided.Attention:Please bare in mind that the soles of the shoes are waterproof but if submerged in deep water this will cause the shoes to get wet as there are tiny holes in some areas.

🐕 Quality Assurance – Our shoes are rigorously tested so that the firm and steady non-slip sole ensures your cute dog will stay gripped to the ground on every trip. The material also protects the paws from any sharp glass, ice, rocks or anything that could possibly cause injury to your friendly companion.
🐕 Deluxe Design – Tested and approved by dogs. Recommended by veterinarians. The reflective strap near the head of the shoe makes it easily visible during night walks. The elastic fastening ensures it is a quick slide in and take off for every dog. Designed for the winter, the soft fleece interior provides extra comfort for each paw and keeps the house clean from outside dirt.
🐕 Dog Friendly Material – The outer skin is made from high quality cotton and comes in a number of colours. Among being waterproof it also provides an extra level resistance to wind and snow as well as looking trendy.
🐕 Authentic Sangkeys Production – Created From Premium Fabric To Support Your Dog in All Walks Of Life. If You Have Any Concerns Please Send Us An Email And We Will Get Back To You ASAP