ShawFly Pet Dog Vocal Toy Dog Treat Ball Food Dispenser Interactive Toys Anti-bite Leaky Ball with Sound for Small Medium Dogs and Cats (Green)

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Why do pet dogs need interactive IQ training toys?
1. Concentrate the dog’s attention and avoid destructive behaviors of the dog on some objects, such as biting shoes and sofas.
2. Relieve the dog’s anxiety and boredom, improve the dog’s enthusiasm, and keep it vigorous and healthy.
3. Increase the interaction between the dog and the owner, so that the relationship between you and the dog will be closer, and mutual trust will be generated.

1. Versatility
It can be used as an interactive toy with the owner, can also be used as a pet feeding dispenser to feed dogs, and can also be used as a tooth grinding tool to protect the dog’s teeth.
2. High-quality materials
Made of safe, high-quality and soft TPR plastic, it is tough, resistant to biting, can grind the dog’s teeth, and at the same time can ensure the dog’s oral safety.
3. Lightweight
15*15*9.1cm, it is convenient to carry outdoors for interactive games with dogs, and the suitable size is suitable for most pet dogs’ toys.
4. Unique sound design
When pressing the top of the toy, it will make a short and sharp sound, which attracts the dog’s attention and increases the dog’s interest in playing.
5. Role
Designed to improve the pet’s IQ and intellectual stimulation, while keeping the pet active and slim.

Name: Dog vocal toy leaker
Material: TPR
Size: 15*15*9.1cm
Weight: 232g
Color: green

💖[Food Dispenser Ball] can train your puppy or kitten to get food by overcoming obstacles, and arouse the puppy’s interest in playing and appetite.
💖[Protection of Pet Teeth] Its shell is made of soft TPR plastic, which is flexible, and the dog can chew and grind the teeth. At the same time, it can better ensure the dog’s oral hygiene.
💖[Interactive toy] It can be used as a Frisbee and can play interactive games with the owner. Reduce the dog’s anxiety and relieve boredom.
💖[Training Dog’s Intelligence] The multifunctional dog vocal toy can attract the dog’s attention, match the game with snacks, and increase the dog’s enthusiasm for learning.