Skinner’s Field & Trial Crunchy 2.5kg – Complete Dry Adult Dog Food, For Active Dogs, Greedy Eaters, High Energy

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Skinner’s Field and Trial crunchy dry mix dog food contains easily digestible chicken needed for strong muscles, teeth and bones. Chicken oil provides extra energy, while rice and cereals ensure the sustained stamina needed for a full day in the field. The combination of bio-available carbohydrates and proteins provides easily accessible energy. High levels of essential fats and oils help to maintain a healthy, glossy coat and ensure that your dog’s skin is also kept in great condition. Available in 2.5 kg.

HERITAGE BRAND – The Stradbroke Mill in Suffolk has been in the Skinner family for seven generations and has been manufacturing complete dog foods since the early 1970s.
NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE – Skinner’s Field & Trial now offers a range of 19 nutritionally complete diets for active and working dogs of every age, breed and activity level.
NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Skinner’s does not add any artificial colouring, flavours or preservatives to any of our products, where possible we try and use locally sourced ingredients surrounding our Suffolk mill.
ACTIVE DOGS – Field & Trial Crunchy contains chicken meat meal and digestible carbohydrate sources to provide energy for instant use during periods of intense activity.