Smart Treat Launcher for Dogs or Cats with Two-Way Audio, Compatible with Alexa and Google Home Full HD Smart WiFi Camera, Night Vision, Schedule App Smart Life

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Build your smart home with SI Smart, we have all the products needed for you to design it.

If you have any doubts or questions about this product, you can visit our official website or YouTube channel “SI SMART” for you to find manuals and tutorials to set up your products.

All SI SMART products connect to the free app “SMART LIFE”, a single platform where all smart products are integrated. With the SMART LIFE app, you can access all the features of this product.

With the SMART LIFE app, you have remote control of SI SMART smart products, from any place and time, you can also create groups, routines, schedules or schedules scenarios and automations.

You have voice control via Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Siri, once connected with SMART LIFE app, they will be synced forever.

Know the app:
1. Download “SMART LIFE” in App Store, Apple Store or Google Play
2. Put your smart product into “MODO RESET” (Mode EZ).
3. Connect the product to your 2.4G Wi-Fi or Zigbee hub via the app.
4. If desired, link your SMART LIFE account with Amazon Alexa or Google Home

If you turn on the product for the first time it is not in Reset mode (Mode EZ), with a light flashing.
You must reset and connect it, press on/off or reset button for 7 seconds.
Then press the “+” symbol in the APP, select your product category and follow the instructions. You can also use the AP Mode if you have trouble connecting your product.

We have explanatory videos on our “Si Smart” channel on YouTube. You can also ask us in the chat on our website and send an email to

🐶【FUN LAUNCH OF AWARDS】 Fun throw a prize or treat to your dog or cat through the Smart Life app, the prizes can jump up to 1 meter away Fill up to 2 lb of storage capacity with your pet’s favorite food.
�【APP CONTROL & VOICE CONTROL】 You can control on/off schedules and timers via the APP “Smart life”, available for IOS and Android. It also works with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Good 2.4Gh Wi-Fi connection is required. And does not require HUB.o gateway port.
�【SHARE WITH FAMILIERS AND FRIENDS】With the same Smart Life App user account, you and your family (up to 5 people) can monitor your dog or cat at the same time and interact with it. so your pet will not feel alone when its owners are not at home.
�【AFTER SALE】 We provide customer service professionally, if you have questions or questions about this product you can send us a kitchenware in the chat of our website or watch our tutorials on youtube.