Specific Digestive Support CIW – 6 x 300g

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Specific is currently being renewed: the packaging will be made more user-friendly. Furthermore, Specific now has a new composition. This wet food for dogs now contains more fish oil and has pork as the main ingredient. If your dog is familiar with allergies then we recommend checking the new ingredients beforehand.

Specific Digestive Support CIW
Specific Digestive Support CIW is wet diet dog food which supports the digestive tract in older dogs. Digestive Support CIW contains easily digestible ingredients and a reduced fibre content, which contributes to healthy digestion.

Dogs with digestive problems often suffer from vomiting or loose stools, which quickly causes a nutritional deficit. The Digestive Support CIW of Specific is therefore rich in vitamins and minerals to compensate for the deficiency. The added beta-glucans from yeast provide additional support to the immune system. The zeolite in the food absorbs toxins in the intestines, thus contributing to the health of the intestines. The yucca extract in the food contributes to the reduction of unpleasant odours of the stool and gases.

Key features
Highly digestible diet food to support digestion
Rich in vitamins and minerals to compensate for the deficiency due to vomiting or loose stool
Zeolite supports the immune system
The yucca extract helps to reduce unpleasant odours from the intestines

Adult dogs with:
Gastrointestinal disorders
Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)
Malabsorption, maldigestion
Severe gastroenteritis
Recovery from illness

Maximum 12 weeks, but lifelong in case of chronic pancreatic insufficiency. It is recommended to consult your veterinarian physician before use.

6 x 300 grams

Composition …