Specific Food Allergen Management CDD-HY – 2kg

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Specific is undergoing a packaging change. The composition has not changed.
This is the successor product to Specific Food Allergy Management CDD-HY. The composition has not changed.

Food allergy
Food allergy and intolerance can be the cause of various skin and stomach problems that can cause discomfort, itching and pain in your dog. These unfavourable reactions to food are caused by an abnormal reaction to a specific protein in the food.

Specific Food Allergen Management CDD-HY
There’s nothing more annoying than itching. An allergic dog can experience itching on the skin and/or coat. The Food Allergen Management CDD-HY from Specific contains only the protein source hydrolysed salmon, an ingredient that is less likely to cause a reaction. Furthermore, there are a limited number of ingredients in the diet to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction. The higher number of omega-3 fish oils, together with other skin support ingredients, contribute to healthier skin and a strong barrier against external allergens.

For adult dogs with one (or more) allergies
Contains one animal protein source: hydrolyzed salmon
Supports food allergys/intolerances and external allergens
Contains omega-3 fish oil, a vitamin A, E and B complex, zinc and selenium to strengthen and support the skin
Easily digestible
Suitable for an elimination diet

Suitable for
Adult dogs with one or more allergies. For both food allergys/intolerances and allergic reactions to external allergens.

Salmon and rice

2, 7 or 12 kg