SunGrow Vet Approved Deshedding Brush, 2.5″ Blade, 3 minutes to GROOM & self-clean your small, medium and large pet, Proven to REDUCE Shedding by 90%, keep dogs and cats Happy & Healthy

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Why Self-Cleaning Deshedding Pet Brush is Important? Shedding is a common problem faced by all the dog and cat owners. One cannot do much about it because they shed throughout the year. But, as a pet owner, what you can really do is have an incredible, comfortable and sturdy pet brush by SunGrow. This is a de-shedding tool that removes loose and dead hair from your pet’s undercoat and promotes a healthier skin.

The Benefit of Grooming Your Pet’s Coat The pet brush is highly effective because continuous usage reduces shedding up to a dramatic number of 90%. It also offers several other benefits to both pets and their owners. To name a few, it keeps the pet healthy and free from allergens, saves money of the owners, keeps the house and surroundings clean and hygienic and makes them both stress-free.

A Quick & Easy Way to Detangle Your Pet’s Coat This easy-to-use fur eliminator needs to be gently run across the pet’s body and special attention needs to be given while removing loose hairs from the tail and ears. Before using, inspect the pet’s skin and coat and look for bruises, cuts, sores or abrasions. If you find any, do not use it on that part. Instead, take your pet to the vet for treatment. Also, do not comb the hair through tangled or matted fur. It is important to detangle all the fur before running the pet brush.

Make every second count with your pet and help him play & thrive in a clean and healthy environment.

SUPERIOR QUALITY DESHEDDING TOOL RECOMMENDED BY VET: The fur eliminator is recommended by veterinarians. The tool is very easy to assemble and is light in weight. It comes with a comfortable grip and strong handle. The not-so-sharp stainless steel blade protects your pet’s skin and feels much more comfortable than the general brush, comb or rake.
KEEP YOUR PET IN BEST OF HEALTH: The regular use of SunGrow pet brush lets you keep a watch on your pet’s skin. When you remove the excessive hair from their bodies, they feel lighter and relieved from stress. It effectively removes loose hair, eliminates knots, dander, tangles, and trapped dirt. So, bring out your pet’s natural oils, a shinier topcoat and healthier skin with this brush.
REDUCE SHEDDING BY 90% AND KEEP YOUR CARPET, FLOOR, FURNITURE & CAR SEATS HAIR-FREE: The daily use of this terrific pet brush will result in reduced hair fall. Gently comb over the cat or dog’s coat and see a fistful of fur removed within minutes. Now, never pause a cuddle session with your darling pet because of hair-fall. Plus, this impressive fur eliminator lets you spend more time with your pet instead of cleaning the floor, carpet, furniture or car interiors.
SAVE YOUR MONEY ON PROFESSIONAL GROOMING : Once you have this fantastic grooming tool, you will have to make lesser appointments to the pet salon. The constant use of SunGrow pet brush will leave your small, medium or large sized pet with silky soft, smooth and shiny coat.