Sure Petcare Animo – Activity & Behaviour Monitor

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Animo is an activity and behaviour monitor which is designed to stay with your dog for its entire lifetime, monitoring and reporting changes in your pet’s day-to-day activity and behaviour patterns as they grow older. Animo can track how long your dog has been active for in a day and records when your dog last exercised. It can tell you how many calories your dog burns and how well your dog sleeps each night. It can help you notice significant changes in behaviour such as barking, scratching and shaking, which could be an indication of ill health or distress. Animo learns your dog’s unique activity patterns over a 7-day period and your dog’s unique behavioural patterns over a 14-day period, so that the data can be tailored specifically to your dog. The product links to the Sure Petcare Animo app, which is compatible with iOS 9 and above or Android 5.0 and above. Animo is a lightweight collar mounted device with a 6-month battery life (one coin cell battery included). Three collar attachments allow the Animo device to be fixed onto collars ranging from 12mm to 30mm wide. It is waterproof with an IP67 rating, so it’s ideal for dogs who like to swim or roll in the mud.

ANIMO ACTIVITY AND BEHAVIOUR TRACKER: Monitor your dog’s daily activity; barking, scratching, sleep quality, calories burned 24/7 to help keep them healthy. Animo provides behaviour-based insights and alerts to indicate changes in your dog’s health; helping owners understand what they might miss
GET MEDICAL INSIGHTS: Get feedback on how your dog is responding to a new treatment or a new nutritional plan. Review longer term trends, monitor the development of specific issues (e.g. post-surgical recovery, diabetes, arthritis, separation anxiety, dermatitis, weight loss etc.) and make better decisions with your veterinarian
BATTERY LIFE: Animo has a long-lasting battery life of 6 months (that’s 3 1/2 dog years!). Get notifications from your FREE downloadable app sent to your smartphone when your battery needs to be replaced. (Sure Petcare App compatibility – iOS 9 and above or Android 5.0 and above)
DURABLE & WATERPROOF: Attaches to any dog collars up to 1 1/4” wide and designed to go anywhere with your pet, such as walks, the dog park, rolling in the mud or a dip in the water
PERFECT GIFT: Animo Behaviour Monitor is also a great gift for dog lovers for all dog breeds, helping them connect and bond with their pet. Understand your best friend like never before