SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl

Price: £55.00 - £39.99
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The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl is a motion-activated bowl which keeps your pet’s food fresher for longer, making it more palatable to your pet, reducing wastage and saving you money. One single grey bowl is included – additional bowls can be purchased in grey, green, pink and blue. Stainless steel bowls are also available. The training mode closes the lid in stages to help timid pets get used to the movement. The product includes a two-year warranty.

Keeps food fresher, making it more palatable and reducing wastage
The SureFeed Sealed Pet Bowl is a daily use feeder designed to keep wet or dry food fresh, reduce odours and keep flies off the food and tt opens when a pet approaches the bowl and is suitable for cats and small dogs.
Suitable for wet or dry food – 400ml bowl capacity
Requires four C-cell batteries which last up to six months
Check battery placement. To ensure the Pet Bowl functions reliably in your home, the sensors will calibrate to their new surroundings when the product is turned on. The sensors will also need to recalibrate any time the Pet Bowl is moved. Therefore, after moving, the lid may stay open for a bit longer than normal, but it will sort itself out again once the sensors have readjusted to their surroundings. We don’t recommend positioning the Pet Bowl in a location where the sensors are constantly activated, for example under a low surface, or with one side up against a wall, as this could affect the sensor calibration
Ensure there is no food blocking the lid that could be preventing it from closing properly
Wipe clean all the sensors on the product to make sure they are unobstructed