TCJJ 4pcs Dog Training Toys Safe And Durable Pet Molar Bite Toy,Improve Dog Intelligence Suitable for Gardens And Courtyards,Park, Outdoor Travel

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Product Description

Why choose TJCC dog toys?

Dog toyDog toy

WhyChoose TJCC Dog Toys?

1.This portable dog toy is different from the sucker toy. The dog toy uses portable ground pegs and can play freely in gardens, parks and other outdoor places, bringing more happiness to your dog. And it is safe and durable, so that the dog can get sufficient exercise and make the dog healthier

2.The elastic pull rope is made of durable and strong nylon material, which is resistant to biting,can assured that your dog can play freely.

3.TCJJ Dog Training Toys can give your dog space to move Around freely and keep it safe

Ground nail

Ground nail

How to use elastic rope ball

How to use elastic rope ball

Molar ball

Molar ball

Portable Pile

The pile can be used as a dog-leashing pile. It is made of ABS material. It is strong and wear-resistant. It has a long service life. It can increase the force area of the pile. It is easy to use and can be rotated by hand to drill into soft ground such as lawn Used in

How to Use Elastic Rope Ball

First fold the high elastic tension rope in half, then insert the U-shaped half-fold from the hole on the top of the pile downwards, and hook the U-shaped half-fold into the reserved hook, and at the same time pull up and tighten

Molar Ball

It is designed by four different intensities of jagged molars. It can apply pet toothpaste or attractant on the molar ball, which can clean the dog’s teeth thoroughly and effectively remove all kinds of rice residue, dirt and teeth. Stones can better protect the dog’s dental health

Fun for dogsFun for dogs

Fun for Dogs

The elastic cord molar ball can not only bring happiness to the pet, but also make the dog consume more energy, exercise the dog’s body, reduce the dog’s anxiety, which does not hurt the dog’s gums and makes the dog healthier.a multi-functional automatic dog artifact

Release the master's handsRelease the master's hands

Release The Master’s Hands

This is a multifunctional automatic dog artifact, which can lead the dog when playing with elastic rope balls, release the dog’s energy and make the owner completely free.suitable for playing in the yard, family, park, beach, let go of the weapon, let the toy amuse your puppy


🐶[Multifunctional dog toy]: The design of this dog toys is more interactive with the dog and makes the dog more interested in playing. You can use the ground bolt to tie the dog, allowing the dog to freely play with the elastic rope molar ball.which not only releases the dog’s energy, but also frees the owner’s hands
🐶[Deep cleaning of teeth]: Dog rubber ball can clean the dog’s teeth comprehensively, effectively removing rice residue, dirt and dental calculus. And Dog chew Toys can train the dog’s reaction ability and improve the dog’s intelligence
🐶[Take the dog for more exercise]: Take the dog for more exercise to prevent them from getting fat and healthy. dog garden toys can also better train the agility of pets. Very suitable for playing in the yard, home, park or shore
🐶[After-sales service]: We sincerely hope that your dog can grow up healthily and like this unique toy. If you have any questions about our pet molar toys, please feel free to contact me, we are here to help for you