The Dog’s Blanket Sound Sleep Donut Blanket, XL Ice White 97x139cm, Premium Quality Calming, Anti-Anxiety Snuggler Blanket

(as of Jun 16,2021 05:09:43 UTC – Details)

Our mission: to produce products that pass our Quality of Life Test: Contributing to your dog’s health, happiness, wellbeing & that help your dog to live their best life.
The Dog’s Blanket Sound Sleep is an ultra-soft blanket to match The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep made from long-pile plush material for superior heat-retention and comfort.
Comforting as well as comfortable.
Curling up is a way to get comfortable or retain heat & it’s also a strategy your dog’s wild ancestors used to reduce vulnerability & shield their organs from predators. Some dogs dig their bed to manipulate the bed into a nest to surround their body. The Dog’s Blanket Sound Sleep can give comfort to a dog who digs by allowing them to ruffle the blanket & satisfy them that they have created a nest, while also protecting your dog’s bed from damage.
Having a familiar blanket that your dog associates with home & with their scent on it eases anxiety during trips to the vet & helps your dog to settle when they have to sleep in a new environment like a relative’s house or a hotel.
Quality is the keystone of our brand.
We want our products to meet both our high standards & yours, so we’ve had the quality of The Dog’s Blanket verified by 2 international 3rd-party companies specialising in inspection, testing, verification & certification.
We continue to maintain rigorous quality control processes to ensure that a product of the highest quality that stands up to the claims we make for it is delivered to you in perfect condition.
The Dog’s Blanket is covered by a warranty for manufacturing defects.
Superior warmth and comfort for your dog without running the risk of overheating associated with heavy dog sweaters worn indoors
Multipurpose – use year-round in the home, while travelling, in kennels, crates and pet strollers. Can also be used to keep pet hair from dog beds and furniture, and to protect them against damage from digging or scratching
Designed to compliment The Dog’s Bed Sound Sleep, further reducing anxiety and promoting feelings of security for a good night’s sleep
Colourfast, machine washable and quick-drying – can also be tumble-dried at low temperature