The Dogs DangLeads. No Pull Dog Harness, Hi Vis, Reflective, Padded & Adjustable, All Weather Durable No-Choke Safety Dog Harness. 4 Vibrant Colours in Four Different Sizes. (Medium Forest Green)

Price: £22.60
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■ Welcome to another high quality product from the Dogs DangLeads, we as a company are very excited about our new range of dog harnesses by LDLC known for their exceptional high quality. These durable harness jackets ideal for small to large dogs. Made from soft, tough nylon which is breathable, reflective, lightweight and available in an array of vibrant colours. These breathable harness jackets are made from a tough Oxford fabric and great for all seasons, easy to fit as they just click into place and the easy release clips means no more struggling with the dog to put on or remove. These harnesses really come into their own at night, with all round reflective capabilities in the form of bright reflective tubing across the outer area of the harness giving superior visibility in low light conditions, helping to keep your pet safe at all times when taking them for a walk in the night or early mornings. All harnesses cover the neck, chest, and waist area which also help to keep your pet warm during those winter walks. So why our reflective harness jackets, basically it helps to keep your arms in your sockets and reduces injuries, it really does help to protect you and the dog as the pull power is reduced as the harness spreads the weight and absorbs the force from the brute power of the dog. With certain dog collars especially with medium to large dogs the pull can choke the dog, with our harnesses utilising a comfortable reinforced material and heavy duty D ring which will stop the dog gasping for breath as it evenly distributes the pull. The vertical D ring is perfectly positioned to help maintain posture and assist you in keeping control. Finally, it is a great training harness for you to condition your dog from the very beginning, especially if you have a medium to large dog. Let them know who is boss without distressing the family pet, get the dog used to walking, jogging, trekking and hiking. Training time can be a fun time for both you and the dog.

● Easy to Wear & Adjust. These adjustable dog harnesses with a reinforced “D” ring are easy to fit and remove with a simple configuration.
● Great Colour Selection. We offer a range of vibrant colours and all our harnesses are made from tough Oxford double stitched nylon material with all round reflective tubing for superior night time visibility and safety.
● Durable & Comfortable. These dog harnesses are made from scratch resistant material with a durable outer layer which is super easy to clean and quick to dry.
● No Pull & No Chock. The harnesses anti-pull capabilities which applies no stress to the dog’s neck with good all round load distribution. Unlike standard dog collars, the pressure is evenly distributed to prevent pulling and chocking.