The Pet Store Premium Dog Crate with Lockable, Removable Nylon Wheels, X-Large

(as of May 24,2021 04:29:30 UTC – Details)

Produced from high-quality, heavy duty, powder coated steel with a hammer tone finish for longer life. Features unique rounded corners and opening roof for easy access. The roof and door are both fitted with 2 anti-tamper latches so your pet cannot open them themselves. All 4 nylon wheels are lockable and removable for safe, easy & comfortable transportation. Our Premium Dog Crate also comes with an easy clean, removable base tray for cleaning. The raised bed keeps pets off the floor and out of the draught helping to reduce odor build up. Approx. Size: 123cm x 75cm x 81cm. Guidelines and Warnings: Designed for domestic animal use only. Choose the correct size crate for your pet. They should be able to sit, stand and turn around comfortably. Many breeds can use different sized crates and it is the responsibility of the owner to decide which will best suit their pet. Keeps pet safe and secure for short periods of time. You are able to move this crate while your pet remains inside but make sure to move at a pace that they are comfortable with and try to choose a smooth path that won’t jostle them. It is recommended to regularly check this product for damage. Do not use if you notice any damage or loose parts.

Features unique rounded corners and opening roof for easy access
As well as lockable and removable wheels for safe, easy & comfortable transportation
And an easy clean, removable base tray
Approx. Size: 123cm(L) x 75cm(W) x 81cm(H)