ThinkPet Reflective Breathable Soft Air Mesh No Pull Puppy Choke Free Over Head Vest Ventilation Harness for Puppy Small Medium Dogs (Neon Blue,L)

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Product Description

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ThinkPet Soft Breathable Dog Harness – Born for Comfort

Do you know what issues a uncomfortable dog harness may lead to?

Discomfort can lead to dog’s bad temper, excessive behavior, no listening and even out of control, which may cause risk to personal safety.The hard chest strap is easy to damage the dog skin during pulling.Wearing an airtight harness for too long can cause skin problems in dogs.Your dog may get strain wearing an unfit harness while you are pulling.The bad wearing experience may make your dog resistant to wear a harness next time.

Therefore, a comfortable harness is particularly important for you and your dog!

ThinkPet Soft and Breathable Dog Harness, born to provide comfortable wearing for your dog.No worries of hurts any more!



Product Features


Our Advantages

100% Nylon Stripes – Premium nylon of improved resistance makes the harness robust against wear, and its color match harness,makes the harness look very cool.Wide Reflective Stripes – Compare to other reflective harness, our harness design with wider reflective strips, all the edges of harness are reflective, which provide great visibility in the dark.Sturdy Metal Clip – Metal clip demonstrate remarkable quality, besides, it’s soldered which ensure it won’t be torn during pulling.Soft Mesh Texture – never damage dog skinBreathable Fabric – Not stuffy for skin, easy for long-time wearingLightweight- Add no weight to your dog


Step1 – How to put on the harness

1.Start with both side buckles unclipped,Slip the loop gently onto your dog’s neck.

2.Arrange the bottom straps between your dog’s front legs to the under part of their belly.The logo part should be on your dog’s chest and the D-ring should be positioned on the back.

3.Snap strap buckle together. /Buckle the straps on the sides


Step 2 – Adjust the “Y” structure and secure the strap

Adjust the “Y” structure to fit the puppy.


Step 3 – Please follow the 2-Finger rule

Use the three adjustment points on the straps to fit the harness snug on your dog. It should be snug but loose enough for you to fit two fingers comfortably between your dog and the harness at any point.


Step 4 – Adjust the harness to fit your pet

After the first-time fitting, the harness can be easily removed and use again without more adjustments









Prevent Choking Harness and Comfortable  – Lightweight soft breathable texture with no frayed/unsecured edges or buckles to irritate skin, reduces tugging and pulling and no choke on your pet’s neck.
Omnidirectional Reflective – Compare to other partial reflective harnesses, all the edges of ours are sealed with reflective piping, conbined with integrated reflective straps, provides great visibility in the dark, which guarantees safty.
Easy to Put on and Off- Adjustable Slide Straps (NECK and CHEST) let you to create a custom fit for your dog. Easy release buckle allows you easily to put it on and off.
Breathable and Cool – The sandwich breathable air mesh keeping your dog cool in the hot days, when immersed in water, the water is stored between the polyester mesh, acting as a heat exchanger, which cools your dog.