TKSTAR,Mini GPS Tracker,Pet GPS Tracker,Real-time GPS Tracker,GSM/GPRS/GPS Pet Safety Tracker Long Standby Time Tracking Locator with SOS alarm

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Mini GPS Tracker for big/medium Dog Free Online Tracking Platform
Worried that your four legged friend might run off or get taken when you’re out for a walk? Wonder where they go at night?
The unit weighs only 50 grams, is smaller than any other unit available and can easily be attached to a pets collar. Using the Geo-fence option.
you can also set up boundaries around your property and receive and alert text when they cross the boundary set.

▶▶How does it work?
Any time you want to locate the tracker all you have to do is call the SIM phone number or send it a text message.Once connected the unit will send you a SMS Text message with a Google Maps link.
If you want online tracking, then you just need to turn on GPRS and set APN, then log in APP/Web Platform.

▶▶ Send an SMS to the tracker, did not receive an answer?
1. –Please confirm that you are using a SIM card with the GSM network. We recommend the following SIM card:EE/o2/giffgaff
We recommend that you tell the seller when you buy a SIM card that you need a card that can use the GSM network.
2. –Please confirm that you put the SIM card in the correct way. The SIM card chip is facing up.
3. –Make sure the PIN code has been canceled. (You can insert it into the mobile phone to cancel the PIN code before inserting it into the tracker).
▶▶ When you log in to the application, the IMEI number or password is displayed incorrectly
Solution: Please contact us and we will help you reset the device.
▶▶ Why is the app offline or not enabled?
Solution: If the application indicates that the device is not enabled or offline, you must set APN. The operation is us by email, We will help you to solve this problem.

GPS accuracy: 5m Dim :70mm x 37mm x 20mm Weight: 50g Network: GSM/GPRS✔Multiple-Function:Access the units location via the APP or Website and monitor its location, movement, speed, route history and much more.
✔Fast GPS Location: Texting the device or the option for 3-second signals sent to provide a full route – both of which provide exact locations to Google Maps
✔No Need to Worry Your Pets:Set up a Geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movements within a district ,the unit will send a message to the authorized number when it breaches the district.
✔QUAD-BAND / GPS & LBS Service / Real Time Tracking / Shock Sensor / Geo-fence Alerts / Low Battery Alarm
✔Long Standby 300h,Net weight:45g