Turmeric for Dogs Anti Inflammatory Hip & Joint Supplement with Black Pepper – Natural Joint Care for Dogs & Cats – 60 Tablets

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Is your pet’s joint condition affecting his quality of life? It’s breaking your heart, isn’t it?

At Petcare Nutrition, we understand how distressing joint problems can be for both pets and owners.
Over time, joint issues can cause your pet to become less active and then pile on weight which exacerbates the problem.
Our powerful joint supplements for cats and dogs help alleviate joint pain and ease the symptoms to restore your pet’s flexibility and freedom.

What makes our cat and dog joint care supplements so effective?

Each tablet is packed with nature’s most potent anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving ingredients.
We exclusively include turmeric and black pepper along with glucosamine, chondroitin porcine, MSM and hyaluronic acid to ease painful, swollen joints.
The 6 ingredients work synergistically for enhanced effect, supercharging your pet’s joint health and overall wellbeing at any stage of his life.

Does your pet normally refuse to take medication? He won’t turn his nose up at these!

Most cat and dog tablets are flavoured with beef or chicken – but that’s not exactly a treat for your pet’s senses!
Ours are a rich maple bacon flavour that will get his mouth watering at medication time!

Your pet is your faithful friend who relies on you to provide him with the best care.

So if he’s suffering with painful, swollen joints then scroll up and add our cat and dog hip and joint supplements to your cart.

UNIQUELY CONTAINS 6 POTENT INGREDIENTS – Unlike other cat and dog joint tablets, ours are loaded with nature’s anti-inflammatory pain-relievers, turmeric and black pepper. The powerful combination of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM eases swelling and stiffness while hyaluronic acid alleviates pain. You’ll be giving your pet the very best defence against future joint problems
TARGETS ALL AREAS OF THE JOINT FOR OPTIMAL BENEFITS – Our cat and dog supplements help form the building blocks of healthy joints. They protect ligaments, cartilage, connective tissue, synovial fluid and the articular cavities that encase joints for enhanced mobility and flexibility
DELICIOUS MAPLE BACON FLAVOUR – No messy liquid to administer and no more disguising tablets in titbits! Your pet will relish the scrumptious taste of our cat and dog joint supplements tablets! They’re made with high-grade ingredients because your pet’s health and safety is our priority
SUPPORT YOUR PET’S JOINTS AT ANY AGE – Is your pet naturally prone to joint pain or hip dysplasia? Is he a senior with poor mobility? Now you can support his hips and joints whatever his age so he can enjoy the freedom to run and play once more! He deserves a happy, active life, so add our dog and cat joint supplement to your cart