Urinary Free The Flow-Basic – Bladder Stones Dogs – Natural Remedy Stone Prevention in Dogs – 50 grams-Herbal Powder – mix into food… … …

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For DOGS !! Incredibly Effective and Safe Herbal Remedy for Bladder Stones — Urinary Free the Flow: Basic is comprised of herbs that help your dog to maintain a healthy and stone/crystal free bladder environment by: Helping to keep the bladder clear of debris by promoting urination; Based on tried and true classical Traditional Chinese Herbal formulas; Good for long term use

MADE IN USA – designed and manufactured in U.S. – for 10 years and counting
SPECIAL BLEND – containing plant based herbal ingredients that can easily be mixed into wet or dry food; can also be given with water via syringe in your pet’s mouth
ALL NATURAL – Herbal powder that has no fillers to ensure full strength; No Sugars, Starch, Salt, Yeast, Soy, Wheat or Milk
QUICK RELIEF – Relieves Discomfort or Pain from Stones in Dogs by unblocking debris and at the same time — working to break down crystals or stones