Vet Fleece Bedding | Vet Bed Original Non-Slip | for Puppys and Dogs | UK Manufacturer Supporting RSPCA | 40″ x 30″ (1.00m x 0.75m) Blue with Charcoal Multi-Paws | Quick Drying | Washable | Dog Bed

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The Original VETFLEECE, now with Non Slip Backing, available direct to the public. VetFleece PRO Bedding – FREE POST – Anywhere in the UK Thank you for viewing this listing. If you are unable to find the sizes that you need, we are able to supply bespoke items, please contact the office on Tel: 01262 606100 with your requirements and we will help where we can. “The Original Vetfleece” is the ultimate in pet bedding. This medical grade bedding is used by those involved in the care and welfare of all kinds and breeds of animal. Vet Fleece is used in the kennels and cages as bedding for sick, recuperating and whelping bitches. The double woven open weave backing allows bodily fluids to pass through the mat, into a receptacle or absorbent pad. This listing features the ribbed non slip backing. This backing makes it ideal for use with ceramic tiles, wood laminate flooring, dog cages/crates or car boot liners. The luxurious 25-28mm high pile offers comfort, warmth, and protection which is why it is used by kennels / catteries and pro breeders as standard bedding for all their animals. As this is a material and can have minor shape changes, we operate within a tolerance of +/- 3%.

Vetfleece – Non-Slip is veterinary grade pet bedding which is used by those involved in the care and welfare of all kinds and breeds of animal. Due to its non-slip backing, Vet Fleece is used in the kennels and crates as bedding for sick and recuperating and whelping animals. Many kennels / catteries and top breeders use vet fleece as standard bedding for all their animals.
Non Slip Vetfleece with its luxuriously deep pile (25-28mm) top that retains heat keeping your pet nice and cosy. Vetfleece can be used as a mat or pad for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits and lots of other animals. Vetfleece can also be used for older dogs as an orthopaedic dog bed after surgery as it moulds to the their body shape and reduces pressure on their limbs. It is great for dogs who suffer from hip dysplasia, arthritis, stiffness, muscle pain or a range of other pet health issues.
Most dogs will scratch, dig and sniff an area before they curl up for a snooze. This is something that their wild ancestors used to do and has been inherited by your dog. The reason behind it is to remove any debris and to expose the cooler dirt. The thick fleece of Vetfleece lets your dog mimic these rituals and allow their natural instincts.
Vet Fleece bedding is manufactured in our own Mill set on the coast at Bridlington in Yorkshire. We have over 35 years of experience with this medical grade fleece which is manufactured to the same demanding standards as required used by the NHS. This vetbed can be machine washed at 40 degrees. Many of our customers us this vet fleece for different animals as: Cat bed, dog bed, mice bedding, horses blankets, kitten beds, puppy’s bedding etc.