Vetramil Honey Ointment – 180g Jar

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Due to the enormous demand for honey ointment, the stock of the -NML health- Vetramil ointment is sold out. Therefore, you will temporarily receive the international variant of Vetramil ointment. This is without the addition of Cardiospermum extract.

How Vetramil Works
Vetramil is a wound ointment based on honey and essential oils. The ointment has basic ingredients which soothe and reduce dry skin. Vetramil contains honey with a very high enzyme content which has a dirt removing effect and quickly cleans irritated wounds. Due to the low pH value, the ointment creates a wound healing environment. The pure, natural essential oils help restore irritated skin and enhance the cleaning effect. You can use Vetramil wound ointment immediately. Vetramil Spray contains honey with a high enzyme content and a low pH. The enzyme glucose-oxidase ensures a moist environment for a slow release of small concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. This cleanses the wound without damaging the fragile skin. The addition of propylene glycol spreads throughout the wound and has a slight drying effect.

Using the Vetramil ointment

If necessary, clean the wound with water and dry with clean tissue
Apply liberally once daily to the wound
Thoroughly massage onto irritated skin
For small skin lesions, do not cover
For larger wounds, cover the wound with a secure gauze and secure the gauze with a bandage
Treatment can be stopped when the wound is closed

Using the Vetramil Rinsing Fluid
Clean the affected area as normal
Use 1-2 times daily on the affected area with an adequate amount of fluid depending on the size of the wound
Reapply the fluid as necessary in order to keep the affected area clean
The treatment can be stopped when accumulation of dirt is removed and the affected area has calmed