Vivi Bear No-Pull Durable Nylon Dog Harness Safe 3M Reflective Outdoor Pet Dog Walking Vest Harness with Handle, Fit Small/Medium/Large Dogs (Small (Girth 11.8-16.5 Inch), Khaki and Brown)

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Details Information
Small Size: Fit chest girth 11.8-16.5 Inch
Medium Size: Fit chest girth 15.7-24.5 Inch
Large Size: Fit chest girth 20.5-36 Inch

Color: Blue and Green, Black and Red, Black and Khaki, Gray and Black, Khaki and Brown, Black and Rose

Please carefull measure your pet’s neck waist and length. Details in sizes chart, Images
Mesured When the dog is standing with a measuring tape. In the purchase of suspenders, vests and other equipment, should be in the root of neck measurement, here is the most coarse neck position,
generally in order to comfort and convenience,
a neck circumference of more than around the neck of the dog, considering that, most of the products are equipped with a adjustable the neck is
slightly less than the size of clothes design, It’s noproblem when the dog in the actual wear, it could be achieved by adjusting the fitting effect.

In the purchase of the collar, the neck should be in the dog on the site were measured, is out of your position in the traction collar where, in order to prevent the special circumstances, especially large and medium-sized violent activities of the accidental fall off, not recommended to measure the number of dogs neck thick as collar size according to selection basis.
The correct chest circumference measurement is the perimeter of the widest position of the chest and the location near the front leg. In order to ensure that the dog can act freely
when wearing, the ideal chest circumference needs to be 5-20cm/2 “-8” wider than that of the dog.

Breathable and soft lightweight mesh design harness to make your dog comfortable.
Safety your pet dog include Nylon webbing with 3M reflective material for Good visibility at night and Sturdy handle for easy seat belt attachment while riding in your car.
Easy to adjust and easy to put in on your dog or take it off.
Please mesure your dog’s chest girth carefully and choose the right size. Small Size: Fit chest girth 11.8-16.5 Inch