VOANZO GPS Pet Locator Tracking Cat Dog Anti-lost Night Light Finder Tracker Collar for Dogs and Cats & Pet Activity Monitor (Pink)

Price: £27.99
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1.GPS+WIFI+LBS positioning
2. Deep waterproof (IP67)
3. Sound + light seeking pet function
4. Remote voice monitoring
5. Remote call
6. Safety fence alarm
7. Low battery alarm
8. Give a dog collar

This is a very good pet location tracker. You can usually check the pet’s movements and interact with the pet’s sound game. When the pet is lost, it can be positioned very accurately, and the pet can be quickly found by sound and light. In addition, our locator has The alarm function is when the pet leaves the range of activities you set. Come and buy it, for the good times of you and your pet.

Package Includes:
1 x pet tracker

🍃 【Voice control design】: Turn on the listening button, you can hear the pet’s voice, and know what the pet is doing at any time.
🍃【Lighting design】: The button with the light to find the pet, it is easy to find the pet at night.
🍃 【Intelligent anti-lost】: Open the pet safety activity area. If the activity range is exceeded, the tracker will automatically alarm.
🍃 【Exercise calculation steps】: You can check the amount of exercise of the pet every day, and you can record the movement steps.