WanZhuanK Mini GPS Dog Cat tracker Locator,Waterproof IP67 Real Time Activity Monitor,Adjustable Collar, for Indoor Outdoor

Price: £53.73
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Storage :. 32 + 32 (M)
GPS positioning accuracy: 5-15 (m)
Alarm Mode: Gate alarm, power failure alarm, mobile alarm, SOS alarm
Dimensions: 53 * 45 * 16 (mm)
Battery: polymer battery
Battery life: 132 (h)
Waterproof function: P67 depth waterproof
Antenna Type: GPS antenna
External power supply form: magnetic charge
Map function: real-time positioning, electronic fence, trajectory tracking
Resolution: no display
Interface Text: Chinese and English
Type: Pet Locator
Specifications: white (GPS + WIFI + LBS positioning) collar, black (GPS + WIFI + LBS positioning) send collar

➤GPS + AGPS + WIFI + LBS + inertial quintuple Positioning can take all-weather positioning No cute pets caught, but run freely.
➤If the dog exceeds the security setting distance, the positioner is press the alarm information to the mobile phone APP at the time, love to prevent animal in full liberation of love lost pet and play nature ..
➤The fast positioning mode for one minute can be used for about 60 hours and the sleep mode for an hour for about 108 hours ..
➤You can use an account search for multiple locations. You can also query multiple devices and manage them. You can query the site no distance limitation.