Webbox Dog Treat Chicken Fillets | Natural Healthy Real Meat Pet Food 100 Gram, Pack of 15

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Webbox Chicken Fillets are premium, low fat dog treats made with 100% high quality breast meat and without wheat gluten, making them a tasty and easily digestible treat for your dog. Webbox chicken fillets also aid with dental hygiene, helping remove plaque and tartar. Here at Pet’s Choice we have produced quality pet food since 1881, manufacturing and providing food and treat products for dogs from all walks of life. Our range includes natural products and a wide range of fresh meat treats, functional treats and many more.

DENTAL HEALTH Is improved as the fillets remove plaque and tartar from the teeth. Keeping teeth strong and healthy reduces the amount of time you need to spend at the vets and improves your dog’s wellness
USE FOR TRAINING PURPOSES, Giving dog treats is an expression of love for our dog and helps Build a strong relationship with your best friend. It can also be a key part in dog training and rewarding good behaviour. Your pet is sure to enjoy our delicious treat
LOW IN FAT HIGH IN PROTEIN. Webbox Chicken fillets are made with 99 percent premium chicken. This means you don’t get any nasty unknown additional ingredients that are found in other pet food brands. You can be sure your dog is getting enough protein And a low amount of fat which is important for keeping an active and healthy lifestyle
VALUE PACK OF 15. Save buy buying in bulk instead of buying in singles. Easily buy a couple weeks’ worth of treats in a few clicks saving you time and money