Weenect Kids – GPS tracker for kids with long battery life and emergency phone

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Product Description

Weenect Kids – GPS tracker for kids with long battery life and emergency phone

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Autonomy and complete safety


Weenect Kids is a GPS tracker for kids that allows parents to track their location from their phone.

Tracking is done in real-time and is unlimited (up to one position every 10 seconds), so you know where your child is at all times.

The GPS tracker has a long battery life of 7 days for everyday use. Therefore, it lasts the entire school week without having to be recharged (which is a major advantage over GPS watches which rarely exceed 24 hours of autonomy).

There is no limit on the distance between the tracker and your phone for the service to work – unlike Bluetooth trackers that cannot be used beyond a few meters.


Weenect has patented technology to keep the whole family informed of potential problems. In the event of an alert, everyone receives a notification on their phone and can decide to take action. No one stays in the dark. The others receive an update indicating that a particular person has offered to help the child to avoid panic.


The tracker gets its GPS position from satellites, then sends it to our servers through the cellular service. It is provided with a SIM card (included in the product), which is why it works with a subscription.

Chose your subscription when you register the tracker (upon receipt) on the Weenect website.

The available subscriptions (starting at 3.50 GBP per month) are:

– Monthly subscription: payment is monthly and can be stopped at any time (minimum three-month commitment).

– 1-year prepaid subscription: payment is made once a year.

– 2-year prepaid subscription: payment is made once every two years.

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Main features of the Weenect tracking app

Find lost kid

Find lost kid

Emergency phone

Emergency phone

Geofence alert

Geofence alert

Walk history

Walk history


If you lose your child in a crowd, or they fall off their bike, all you need to do is use one of the application’s 3 location tracking modes: map, compass, or radar (see photo). You will find them in seconds.


In the event of a problem, your child can warn you by pressing the SOS button on their tracker. It then works like a phone allowing you to reassure your child before finding them using location tracking.


Set up safe zones to be automatically notified in case your child enters or leaves these zones (school and home for example). Ideal for making your child’s first journeys alone safer.


Check the journeys taken by your child to make sure they haven’t taken dangerous routes when they come home from school or sports practice. You can also revisit the route taken by the family during a weekend walk.

gps in backpackgps in backpack

Attachment system that works for all scenarios

A protective neoprene pouch (water-resistant) allows the GPS tracker to be attached to the child’s belt or bag. It is also possible to place it in the school bag for more discretion.

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cat gpscat gps

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You can add as many trackers as you want on the mobile app so you can track all your children from the same interface. Please note that each kid tracker activated will need a subscription.


You can’t call the tracker directly if the child has not sent an SOS alert first, so you won’t disturb a classroom with the phone ringing inappropriately. Also, the child cannot use their tracker to play or write to their friends; the device is placed in the school bag and then forgotten. This means it is allowed by schools while telephones are now prohibited. An authorised method for staying in touch with your child during the day.


We have implemented a whole series of measures to ensure the security of the data of our trackers: communications between our servers and your phone are encrypted in HTTPS, the data is pseudonymised (impossible to link to identity) and exchanges between the trackers and our servers are authenticated by unique passwords. Using Weenect means you consider your child’s privacy, as well as their safety.

Technical specifications


Apple iOS 10.3 or higher; Android 4.1 or higher; Web app for all browsers


1700mA/H; up to 7 days autonomy


65x40x18mm; 55g


SIM card included in the product; European coverage (excluding Switzerland); GPRS 900/1800 MHz


1 Weenect Kids GPS, 1 waterproof protective pouch, 1 USB cable and 1 quick start guide

UNLIMITED GPS TRACKING – The GPS tracker has no distance limit. Track your child from your phone (iPhone and Android)
ALERT BUTTON / TELEPHONE FUNCTION – Voice call: 10 minutes per month
GEOFENCES IN/OUT – Zone entry and exit notification on your telephone
LONG-LASTING BATTERY – The battery can last up to 7 days in daily use (including 2 hours of journey per day). It recharges in 2 hours
SUBSCRIPTION – The GPS tracker is provided with a SIM card (supplied). Therefore, it requires a subscription to cover service costs – from 3.75 per month (for a 2-year prepaid subscription).