Wheels N Bits Universal Car Headrest Mesh Dog Gard Guard Grill Adjustable Pet Safety Barrier

(as of May 04,2021 04:02:10 UTC – Details)

NEW WNB Car Dog Pet Guard Barrier Safety Mesh Headrest Protector UNIVERSAL FIT WNB Select Universal Car Headrest Mesh Dog Guard keeps dogs safely contained in the rear of the car. Suitable for most hatchbacks, estates and 4×4 vehicles, the guard reduces driver distraction and protects passengers from pets, luggage or loose items flying forward when braking or in the event of a collision, making journeys safer. Features an adjustable width and height, and it’s easy to install with no tools required! The WNB select Universal Car Headrest Mesh Dog Guard is durable with a lightweight frame and fits neatly between the rear seat and boot of the car, fixing directly onto the headrests so it won’t encroach on the valuable boot space. Height 42cm, width adjustable from 90 123 cm This has to be one of the best universal dog hards we have come across not one of the cheapest but it will actually keep a dog in the boot of a car We have test many an out own DOG Jack can figure out how to dismantle them or escape into the passengers seat of the car within a few minutes Compatible with Audi A 4 estate , Compatible with Ford Focus over a 1 month period an he was not a happy camper as he could get into the front of the car full adjustable so small car to large suv’s with the side panel being able to go narrow or die an the dog guard attaching on the the head rest bar’s Please note the car must have rear head rest fitted The problem with cheap dog hards is that the bars go to the floor an the dog figures out to pull these an get into the front. This mount to the head rest an then cannot be pulled forward.

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