WHIMZEES Natural Dental Dog Chews Long lasting, Toothbrush X Small, 48 Pieces

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WHIMZEES are healthy dog treats and natural daily dental chews designed to remove plaque, fight tartar and freshen breath (Triple Care). These long lasting dog chews are reducing plaque at least 2x better than the leading treat (*Based on studies of comparable products conducted at an independent kennel – ’17-’18).
WHIMZEES’s chews are vegetarian, gluten-free, and good in fibre. Each treat is made sustainably using only good ingredients and adhering to the quality standards. They are unlike other dental treats natural, sugar free and made of only six primary ingredients. WHIMZEES fun shapes are designed with special grooves to help reach the small spaces in a dog’s mouth. Enjoy your treating moments with a healthy smile.

Triple Care: Natural dog treats to remove plaque, avoid tartar and provide fresh breath
Natural dog chews & hypoallergenic dog dental chews for daily use and a good alternative to dog bones: Low-fat & vegetarian dog treats, sugar free and a limited list of ingredients
Long lasting dog chew, 3 x longer chew time due to unique shapes & structure
Toothbrush shape, 48 pieces for X-small dogs, each 6.4 cm, 7,5 g