XIRGS Dog Seat Belt, 2PCS Adjustable Safety Belt in Car Vehicle, Elastic Bungee Dog Car Seatbelt, Metal Buckle Buffered Reflective Nylon Belt Tether Connected to Pet harness lead Car(Black)

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Product Description

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Dog Seat BeltDog Seat Belt

Dog Seat BeltDog Seat Belt

Dog Seat BeltDog Seat Belt

Mission and philosophy:

The XIRGS Dog Seat Belt are designed to ensure the safety of pets, so that you will not be distracted when driving, travel more at ease, and happier journey. It can comfortably restrict the dog’s activities to a considerable degree of freedom without affecting safety, and can make you focus on driving. It can comfortably restrict the dog’s activities to a considerable degree of freedom without affecting safety, and can make you focus on driving.

Reasons To Choose the XIRGS Dog Seat Belt:

1.Lightweight, easy to use and easy to store, will not take up space in the car.

2.With the elastic and elastic part of the seat belt, the length can be adjusted well, so that the pet can stay comfortable without binding itself.

3.The reflective stitch design makes it suitable for night use.

4.Excellent material, comfortable and durable.

5.Perfect for use in the back seat to prevent dogs reach the driver’s side.

6.It can be applied to pets of different sizes, whether it is a kitten or puppy, or a large pet breed.


Quantity: 2PCS Material: nylon, reflective suture, metal fittings, plastic buckle, elastic rubber band

Length: 68-77cm

Weight: 260g


Before purchasing, please check the size and compatibility of the buckle. Please adjust the appropriate length when using. For your pet’s safety, please do not attach the seat belt directly to the pet’s collar.

Feature 1

2 in 1 design

Better way for your dog to communicate

Upgrad Waterproof Design

Easy to clean

Unique single-button brake, lock, release and retract mechanism

Enhance birthday atmosphere

Feature 2

Comfortable and durable

3 Level Adjustable length

1/2Net & 1/2Cloth

Various size option

Durable & 360° Tangle-free

Fit Most Pets

Feature 3

The length can be adjusted well

Help your pets to develop good habits

Top Cover Design

Waterproof & Non-slip bottom

The ergonomic and non-slip handle makes you feel super comfortable on long walks

Make your puppy the focus of your birthday party

🐶♡『Stay Energetic and Comfortable』·The XIRGS Dog Seat Belt has the function of elastic extension, and the length can be adjusted, This combination can buffer a certain degree of vibration, thereby relatively improving comfort. Lively pets are no longer restricted and carry out safe activities within their scope. The adjustable seat belt will allows your dog to sit, stand, lie down comfortably or look out of the window, jump around in the car relatively freely, but not too much.
🐶♡『Ingenious Combination』·The XIRGS Dog Seat Belt is also made of durable nylon material, which is very comfortable to touch and will not rub your pet. The included 360° rotating carabiner makes your pet activities more flexible. These hardware are made of metal to ensure wear resistance, long-term use and safety.
🐶♡『Keep Active At Night』·Reflective light is sewn on the XIRGS Dog Seat Belt, even if you drive at night, you don’t have to worry about the safety of the pets in the back seat. Cool and trendy, become a special presence at night.
🐶♡『Simple to Use And Easy to Store』·With one click, build your happy journey with your pet. Not easy to break free, but there is no sense of bondage, never worry that you will be distracted while driving, or your pet will be lost when traveling. When it is not needed, it will not take up too much space on the car. It is naturally like one of the accessories on your car. The XIRGS Dog Seat Belt is an essential equipment for you with pets!