XRDZYXGS Pet Water Dispenser, Cat Water Fountain with 2L Large Capacity Transparent Water Tank, Automatic Water Feeder with Carbon Filtration for Dogs, USB Powered Ultra-Quite Pet Water Bowl

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Product Description

Pet Water Pet Water




Capacity: 2L

Power Supply: USB


1 x Pet Water Fountain

1 x USB Charger

1 x Filter Element (including PP Cotton)


Your pets need fresh water everyday to maintain good health. Water is necessary for flushing out toxins from the body and for keeping it hydrated and healthy. But your cat may be put off from drinking water from a bowl because the water loses its freshness and good taste after sitting around for hours.

XRDZYXGS water fountain offers continuous stream of fresh water, they may encourage your pet to drink more water during the day and improve their drinking habits.

2L super large capacity, containing enough water for 2 days drinking for cats or small to medium sized dogs.

Fully transparent design, easy to observe the water condition and water level, ensuring in time refills.

Simple 2-part construction, allowing for easy cleaning and exchanging of filter elements. High-efficient filtration system keeps the running water fresh and clean for your pet’s health.







2L SUPER LARGE CAPACITY – Keep your furry baby hydrated with fresh running water even when you’re not around. The fully transparent water tank has a capacity of 2L, contains 2 days water for cats or small to medium sized dogs, saving you time changing water and cleaning water bowls. The clear design also makes it easier for you to refill water in time.

TILTED FOR NECK PROTECTION – The specially designed 6-degree tilt angle is ideal for cats and dogs to drink in a comfortable and easy posture. When plugged to the power supply, the water fountain pumps up fresh water to the upper part for your furry baby to drink whenever they need to.

HIGH-EFFICIENT FILTRATION SYSTEM – The water pump delivers the water upward to the drinking platform, then the once exposed water will flow down through 3 filtration layers: 1. High-density PP cotton, prevents large particles such as hair and food debris from getting inside the tank; 2. Coconut shell charcoal, filters invisible particles that generates odor and tastes, keeps water fresh for days; 3. Ion-exchange resin, eliminates excess magnesium and calcium ion that may cause urinary stones.



At XRDZYXGS we are passionate about creating products for innovative behavioral, containment and lifestyle to give you great moments with your pets. <

We know and experience what comfort living with pets is like, which is why XRDZYXGS is not only a brand of pet products, but also the bridge of faith and desires connecting people with pets in harmony.



The water well provides a balanced amount of water to prevent or other problems that can occur due to dehydration.


As a core part of a pet fountain, the filtration system of XRDZYXGS pet water fountain is carefully designed and highly efficient.

The compact and simple structure is a better way to trap hair and other large particles.


Thanks to its compact and simple structure, XRDZYXGS pet fountain can be easily disassembled for thorough cleaning, which is convenient especially when you add or replace water in the pool.


We chose a first-class activated carbon material made from coconut shell, which contains a high carbon content, to use as a filter.

After thousands of hours of observation, we believe it will greatly reduce pollutants and metal contaminants to prevent any health hazard to your pets.


Input: DC 5V1A

Rated Power: MAX 4.5W

Water Tank Capacity: 2L

Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 50°CWorking Humidity: 10% ~ 80%


1 x Pet Water Fountain with Filter

1 x USB Charger

1 x Coconut Shell Carbon Filter Element

1 x User Manual

COMPACT & PRACTICAL TRANSPARENT DESIGN – While having a large water tank of 2L capacity,XRDZYXGS water dispenser for cats and dogs requires only little floor space. The recirculating system is designed by a wide and smooth slope to keep safe fresh air of the enclosures. When water runs out, you can easily notice it through the transparent water tank and add water in time.
EASY TO DISASSEMBLE & CLEAN – The pet fountain is easy to dismantle if you follow the instructions: simply lift the upper part by the little grip and then you can add water in the tank. Also, it is super easy to clean the pet water fountain with water and detergent. The replaceable carbon water filter removes bad tastes and odors, keeps water fresh and helps keep your pet healthy increasing hydration.
ENERGY EFFICIENCY, SAFE & HEALTHY – Powered by USB cable and specially developed with low power consumption, this pet water feeder consumes maximum 2.6 kWh monthly, just feel free to keep it on all day. Made of food-grade material, which is BPA-free and FDA approved, XYUE water fountain for pets is 100% safe for your pet, you can use it with confidence for your furry buddy.
WE ARE HERE TO HELP – To provide you with the best service is our ultimate goal. Please know that, every product purchased from us comes with a 24/7 friendly customer service, so whenever you have a question, please feel free to contact us, we will solve your problem within a day!