YAODHAOD Dog Boots Paw Protector, Anti-Slip Dog Shoes,These Comfortable Soft-Soled Dog Shoes are with Reflective Straps, for Small Dog (6, red)

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YAODHAOD This boot is made of oxford,the lining is soft and suitable for claws.
The flexible sole is made of soft granules,the soft fabric inside keeps your dog warm and keeps the dog’s paws clean, dry and safe.
Suitable for indoor activities of dogs, daily walks, trips or injured paws.It is also the best gift for your cute dog, it will like you more.

Size—-Paw length(inches)——-Width(inches)
Number 2——-1.2-1.4(4cm)————–1.08-1.18(3cm)
Number 4——-1.5-1.75(5cm)————–1.2-1.4(4cm)
Number 6——2.1-2.25(6cm)————–1.5-1.75(5cm)
Why should dogs wear shoes?
1.Outdoors protect dog paws . When you go out in the summer, the ground temperature is too high, which can easily burn your dog’s feet and cause your dog’s heat
2.Dog’s feet are not frostbite in winter. When the temperature is too low in winter, it is easy to freeze to the soles of dogs. Wear shoes to protect the feet.
3.Indoor protection furniture. can prevent dogs from scratching wooden furniture and floor, causing scratches on the floor.

2.Easy to wear – It’s convenient and quick to wear, but it’s hard to fall off if fit. Closed control with a large, flexible and adjustable strap, and safe reflection at night, these boots are relatively flexible and spacious, so they fit better. If the dog’s paw is between two sizes, if you choose a larger paw, you can try to use the socks in the boot.
3.Machine washable – All materials are breathable and washable. The indoor booties are fitted with soft ployester and comfortable cotton, and the test is the most acceptable dog shoe. Boots are perfect for wet environments.
4.Note – Here we have a variety of pet shoes, you can choose for your skin friends in any weather,please note that the fabric of outdoor boots is stain resistant . This shoe is more suitable for indoor shoes and walking in sunny weather.
1.Weight recommend – The boot is made of oxford. The lining is soft and suitable for claws. The flexible sole is made of soft granules. It has a good anti-slip effect and can provide traction to protect the dog’s claws from the road, grass and tiles. , deck, boat, winter salt, snow, ice, indoor hardwood floors and other surface injuries, also provide traction or racing for dog walking.Make sure the paws are smaller than the shoes by 0.2-0.4 CM