Yewrrite 8 Pack Large 3D Efficiency Capacity Vacuum Dust Bag, AirClean Efficiency Dust Bag for Miele vacuum cleaner, Compatible with Miele GN Vacuum Bags S2000 S5000 S8000 C3 Complete C2

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Multiple compatibility, compatible with vacuum cleaners, filters, air purifiers.Made of high-quality non-woven materialsThree-layer thickening, effective dustproofAutomatic shut-off mechanism prevents dust from flyingOriginal high quality, easy to replaceReduce 99.9% of fine particles to re-enter the air







Classic C1, Complete C2, Complete C3

【Widely applicable】Fit S2110, S2111, S2120, S2121, S2130, S2131, S2180, S2181, S300I, S400, S400I, S401I, S402I, S404I, S408I, S410I, S411I, S412I, S414I, S420I, S4212P, S4212T, S421I, S422I, S424I, S426I, S428I, S434I, S436I, S438I, S5481, S5510, S5980, S600, S612, S644, S646, S648, S658, S812, S826, S828, S8320, S834, S8340, S836, S838, S844, S846 GN type bags Contains 5 Pack Dust Bags
【Original Good Quality】Easy to Replace, Package includes: 8 x dust bags. Miele vacuum bags provides nine layers of filtration. Maximum efficiency under low power conditions; Miele vacuum cleaner bags color coded self locking collar for minimal dust loss.
【High-quality materials】Miele hoover bags made of high-quality environmentally friendly material non-woven fabric, high strength and pollution-free. Thick three-layer non-woven fabric, effective dust collection. Replacement Miele AirClean Vacuum Bags and AirClean Filters are made with a multi-ply construction helping to reduce 99.9% of fine particles from reentering the air.
【Effective Dustproof】The three-layer thickening design of the dust bag adopting 3D technology can effectively prevent dust from flying. Auto-shut mechanism which automatically closes the bag when the vacuum cleaner is opened, meaning you won’t be exposed to unhygienic dirt. Dust bag keeps your home clean and hygienic.