YORKING Rubber Broom Brush Pet Hair Remover Rubber Carpet Cleaning Broom Sweep The Floor Adjustable Handle Indoor And Outdoor Broom Hardwood Tiles For Pet Cat Dog Hair Carpet Red

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ADJUSTABLE JOINT: The handy adjustable knuckle joint allows you to effortlessly clean underneath furniture, making this the perfect silicone rubber broom for pet hair. And it can adjustable handles of 68-120CM adjustable length set for people of different heights.

EASY TO REMOVE: Rubber bristles easily collect dust, hair and paper dust on the floor and carpet, which is 50% more efficient than a normal broom. Ash or pet hair does not blow in the air during the cleaning process.

PET HAIR REMOVAL: It is best to remove pet hair from carpets and carpets. The soft bristles are gently scraped off and combed from the carpet, easily gathering the hair on a carpet that cannot be reached by vacuum.

EASY TO CLEAN & DRY: Easy to keep the broom clean by faucet cleaning, reuse like new. Dust or hair can easily be washed off the bristles, water resistance and fast drying.

INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE: Built-in scraper edge, also suitable for outdoor areas such as gardens, balconies, patios, garage cleaning floors, cleaning water or spills, cleaning windows, etc.


Color: red, blue

Size: Telescopic iron pipe length 68-120CM

Outer ring iron pipe diameter: 22MM

Material: TPR rubber and plastic sprayed iron pipe

Model: Rubber Broom * 1

Type: Rubber Broom

Number in Pack: 1

Features: Adjustable

Suitable For: Carpet Floor, Hard Floor, Multi Surface, Wooden Floor

Room: Living Room

Power Source: Manual (Unpowered)

Package Include:

1 x broom

Long and adjustable handle-68-120CM adjustable length is suitable for different tasks. Once set up, just assemble them together.
The head can be washed, rinsed under warm water tap, easy to clean and durable, strong long handle.
Easy to remove: The rubber bristles can easily collect dust, hair and confetti on the floor and carpet, and its efficiency is 50% higher than that of ordinary brooms. During the cleaning process, dust or pet hair will not be blown into the air.
Indoor and outdoor use: built-in scraper edge, also suitable for outdoor areas, such as gardens, balconies, terraces, garages to clean floors, clean water or spills, clean windows, etc.