YWZQ GPS Pet Tracker Real-Time Tracking Collar Device Waterproof WIFI Miniature Activity Monitor Smart Locator,White

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Just because of your momentary negligence, they were lost in the vast city, even hungry, cold, or brutally killed

If there are no owners who love it, what should they do?

Love, give it more protection.


-Excellent Design: it is compact and lightweight, and it will not cause any burden to pets, looks very cute.

-GPS Function: the pet tracker can locate your pet anywhere, you can see the location and movement of the pet on your phone.

-Security Fence: you can set an area around locator, alarming immediately when the pet getting in or out of the area.

-5 relocation zero errors: GPS, BDS, AGPS, LBS, WIFI5 relocation, using self-developed micro-control unit chip, quality assurance

-History track: you can view the track of the pet’s recent travel, if there is a loss, you can view the track of the pet’s walk for tracking

-Support computer, Android, Apple system query
You can check the status of your pet anywhere


GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Positioning type: GPS+BEIDOU+WIFI+LBS

GPS sensitivity: (-157DB)

GPS accuracy: 5-20M

LBS accuracy: 100-1000M

WIFI accuracy: 10-50M

Tracker *1
Charging cable *1
Manual *1

◈ SAFETY FENCE: A safety fence area can be designed. When a pet leaves or enters the area, a reminder message will be sent as soon as possible to prevent pets from being lost or stolen.
◈ REMOTE SEARCH: Support remote search for devices. When you need to find a device, you can click the search device function in the APP. The indicator light on the device will flash to make it easier to find.
◈ FLASHING LIGHT INDICATION: The pet tracker will emit red and green lights continuously flashing, even at night, the owner can notice the dog through the flashing light. The lost dog may be right in front of you. Don’t let the short-term darkness cause the regret of passing by. A gleam of light is enough to illuminate the way home.
◈ IP67 DEEP WATERPROOF: IP65 grade waterproof and dustproof design, you can travel on rainy days, allowing you to walk in the rain with your pet. Daily rain or dampness will not affect the use of the product. If you soak for a long time, please send it in for repair in time.