YWZQ Waterproof Smart Dog Pets GPS Tracker Anti-Lost Alarm Tag Wireless Bluetooth Tracker Child Bag Wallet Key Finder Locator Alarm,Red

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1. Wireless charging, no charging port: breakthrough to achieve “wireless charging technology”, wireless charging directly without using a data cable, convenient and fast!

2. Wi-Fi positioning, more accurate location: When the signal is weak indoors, underground parking lots, and mountainous areas, the network will automatically switch to accurate positioning according to the environment.

3. Waterproof and dustproof: It adopts life waterproof design, excellent waterproof performance, a small amount of rain and other weather will not have any effect on the equipment.

4. Light search for pets: The locator has a luminous effect, and the dog walks at night, so you are not afraid of the dark night.

5. No installation, no sound and no light: there is no GPS in appearance, no need to install, and abnormalities will only remind your mobile phone, there is no light or sound when working, safe and silent work, and can be placed anywhere.


Product name: GPS locator
Innovative design: wireless charging
Positioning method: WIFI+GPS+LBS
Listening method: voice-activated recording
Use time: 7 days
Standby time: 15 days
Platform monitoring: support network clients such as Android, Apple system mobile phones and computers
Product specifications: 4.7*3.6*1.5cm
Product weight: 30g

◈ SAFETY FENCE: Set a safe area. When the pet goes out of the set range, an alarm call will be sent out immediately. Fast positioning, real-time understanding of pet location information.
◈ SUPER STANDBY: using flash charging technology, deep sleep can be standby for 10 days, solving the trouble of long charging time and frequent charging.
◈ MULTI-PERSON MONITORING: Support multiple mobile phones to monitor the locator at the same time, or one mobile phone to monitor multiple locators. With it, family members can watch pets remotely together, or they can take care of multiple pets remotely.
◈ LIGHT SEARCH FOR PETS: The locator has a luminous effect, and it is more convenient for dogs to walk at night, not afraid of the dark night.